We are introducing the s1 // i1 // i2 and i3

May 19, 2012 in Indica, News, Sativa

The ROOR s-line is for our Sativa’s, the ROOR i-line contains our Indica’s. Each line is subdivided into numbers, as we offer more and more strains.

Now we are introducing the

s1 – ROOR Nev OS
For our s1 we decided to unite two of the most famous Sativa’s in the world, the original Neville’s Haze and the original Skunk.

The i1 is a 75% Indica dominant plant and is one of the best Afghan hybrids on offer. This plant is perfect for all levels of growing and is especially good for the beginner.

i2 – ROOR Bubba OG
The i2 is a combination of two powerhouses in the modern era of breeding, the OG Kush and the pre-98 Bubba Kush.

i3 – ROOR Citrus Smoothie
The i3 is one of the rare gems. It’s parents are the Grapefruit and the OG Kush. Two of California’s most famous strains. One known for its commercial potential and the other for its connoisseur attributes.

We offer these packages as a numbered limited edition. This will also make room for future strains as we constantly work on new collaborations with the world’s top breeders. Offering you our valuable friends some of the finest cannabis genetics this world has to offer.